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3 min InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec and tCell Bring New DevSecOps Improvements in Q1

In Q1 2022, we've continued to improve InsightAppSec and tCell to help organizations shift left and automate security testing prior to deployment.

2 min Application Security

InsightAppSec GitHub Integration Keeps Risky Code From Reaching Production

The new GitHub Actions integration in InsightAppSec allows security and development teams to automate DAST as part of the CI/CD build pipeline workflow.

5 min Application Security

3 Takeaways From The 2021 VDBIR: It’s An Appandemic

According to this year's report, small companies have pulled closer to their larger counterparts when bearing the brunt of web-application breaches and are losing ground in the time it takes to discover those breaches.

2 min Application Security

Rapid7 Announces Release of New tCell Amazon CloudFront Agent

We are excited to announce tCell’s CloudFront agent, which leverages Lambda@Edge to help push security closer to the “edge” without requiring any code changes to your applications.

2 min Nexpose

Software defined security made real

This week were headed for VMworld 2014 in San Fransisco and we're excited to be talking about how Rapid7 is partnering with industry leaders like Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, and of course VMware to build out the VMware NSX security ecosystem []. Together we've created an integrated system that collaborates together leveraging the NSX platform [] to automate risk identification and mitigation for VMware customers

2 min Nexpose

Rapid7 part of VMware NSX Partner ecosystem

We're very excited that VMware is showcasing Rapid7 as an official VMware NSX Partner [] at VMworld 2013 this week, demonstrating how we provide best-in-class vulnerability management for virtual networks. Rapid7 has been a longtime partner with VMware.  In 2011, we introduced our vAsset discovery [/2011/11/01/virtualization-introduces-new-security-gaps] method that allows Nexpose to have real-time visib

4 min

Vulnerability and Threat Data Export Leveraging "XML Export 2.0" format

A vulnerability management solution like Nexpose is often used by organizations to provide risk-based insight for potential and real threats. Nexpose provides product reporting capabilities that help organizations clearly prioritize their risk based on such aspects as exploitability, availability of malware kits and weighted and temporal risk scores. Frequently, organizations leverage this rich threat data in XML format in conjunction with other enterprise security tools such as SIEM, GRC, IPS,