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7 min Nexpose

Asset Discovery Troubleshooting Guide

This guide is designed to show you how to determine the cause of and solution to the most common difficulties experienced during asset discovery in Nexpose. The following common issues will be covered here: 1. None or only a few assets are found to be alive 2. Scan appears to hang or is taking too long after finding live assets 3. Incorrect number of open ports on one or more assets After reviewing the issue that applies to your scan head down to the end of this guide for detailed troubles

6 min Nexpose

Guide to HTTP Header Configuration

Guide to HTTP Header Configuration This guide is designed to show how to setup an authenticated web application scan using HTTP Headers using Metasploit as the target web application. We will also go over using the Firebug and Cookie Importer Add-ons in firefox to manually test HTTP headers. The first thing we want to do is open Firefox and download the ‘Cookie Importer' and ‘Firebug' Add-ons. Now that we have our Add-ons installed we will want to restart our brower and then start

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Getting Started with the Nexpose Virtual Appliance

Rapid7 now offers a Virtual Appliance to get started quickly with Nexpose. You can get started with the Nexpose Enterprise Virtual Appliance [] or the Nexpose Community Virtual Appliance []. If you are an existing customer please contact Support [] for more information. The Nexpose Virtual Appliance is pre-configured with the following h