Posts by Ryan Blanchard

2 min Cloud Security

Casting a Light on Shadow IT in Cloud Environments

Shadow IT typically refers to the use of consumer apps or services without explicit IT approval. However, it can also occur at a cloud infrastructure level.

3 min Vulnerability Management

Adapting existing VM programs to regain control

From elevated expectations, processes, and tooling to pressured budgets, the scale and complexity has made identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in cloud applications and the infrastructure that supports them a seemingly impossible task.

4 min Cloud Security

Cloud IAM Done Right: How LPA Helps Significantly Reduce Cloud Risk

Today almost all cloud users, roles, and identities are overly permissive. To minimize risk, you need to adopt the principle of least privilege access.

5 min Cybersecurity

No Damsels in Distress: How Media and Entertainment Companies Can Secure Data and Content

As media and entertainment companies grow their cloud footprints, they’re also opening themselves up to vulnerabilities threat actors can exploit.

6 min Cloud Security

Shift Left: Secure Your Innovation Pipeline

As shift left has become critical to cloud security, here's how organization can implement best practices and technologies into their DevOps workflows.

4 min Cloud Security

Identifying Cloud Waste to Contain Unnecessary Costs

Cloud environments often increase complexity, which can make managing costs in the cloud more difficult.

3 min Cloud Security

Update for CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmarks - Version 1.3.0

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) recently released an updated version of their Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmarks - Version 1.3.0.