Last updated at Mon, 18 Dec 2023 21:16:35 GMT

In a couple of weeks, our very own @Mubix (AKA Rob Fuller to those who don't live their life with an @ sign permanently attached to their name!) will be offering Metasploit-ation for the Nation.  Unlike that phrase – which I just made up – Mubix will actually be talking sense as he walks penetration testers through the delightful world of Metasploit Pro in a 4-hour in-depth training session.

Mubix took some time to answer a few questions below to give you a flavor of the training.  If you have any additional questions on this, please post them in the comments section below.

[Jen] What's this all about then?

[Mubix] This is going to be a 4-hour practical deep dive in which I'll be showing people the essentials of penetration testing, as well as advanced techniques and uses of Metasploit.  The plan is for attendees to walk away with a deeper understanding of penetration testing and how Metasploit can help make their organization more successful with an efficient, effective and unparalleled penetration testing strategy.


[Jen] More specifically what will the course cover?

[Mubix] The course will cover the following topics:

o    Reconnaissance

o    Network Vulnerability Scanning

o    Maintaining Access & Privilege Escalation

o    Advanced Techniques

o    Pass the Hash Pivot Attacks

There'll also be an opportunity for people to ask any questions they have about penetration testing and Metasploit.

[Jen] Who should attend the Metasploit Pro training?

[Mubix] The training is for anyone interested in penetration testing, from novices to pros.  I'm aiming to have something in there for everyone, whether you're hoping to pick up the basics, or looking for some more advanced tricks and tips.

[Jen] What are the main details everyone needs to know?

[Mubix] Here you go:

What: 4-Hour Online Metasploit Pro Training with Mubix (Includes course materials)

When: May 26th, 11am-3pm Eastern

How Much: $1,000 / per person

How to Register: Please contact your Rapid7 Sales Representative or call 617.247.1717.

[Jen] Finally, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and why you're the perfect person to introduce people to Metasploit Pro?!

[Mubix] I spent time doing Systems Administration, Incident Response, Security Infrastructure Design, and Penetration Testing in the DoD and Department of State. I've learned most of what I know on my own, from friends, and by just googling it. I have fun breaking into places but my passion comes in the constant challenges I'm faced with and the hi-demand problem solving that comes with Penetration Testing. Ultimately it's about getting organizations better prepared for attacks, which may or may not come, but it's better to run faster than the other guy.

To register for the training please contact your Rapid7 Sales Representative or call 1 (617) 247 1717.