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It’s crazy to believe 2020 has come to an end, and we’re sure we’re not alone in our excitement for 2021! Without a doubt, 2020 has presented some challenges for us all in the security world, as many companies quickly adopted a work-from-home model and pivoted from an in-store experience quickly to a digital one. This accelerated digital transformation encouraged us at Rapid7 to create new programs and think about how we can continuously improve the customer experience.

For application security in particular, we saw restaurants creating new apps to facilitate takeout and delivery orders, fast-growing platforms like Instacart and DoorDash developing internal apps to keep in touch with their employees, and small-business owners creating web apps to continue selling their products and services. With the rapid increase in web application development came the need to make sure these applications were as secure as possible.

Here at Rapid7, we view your application security program as a key component of your vulnerability risk management (VRM) program. Considering the challenges of 2020, we wanted to make sure we not only continued to support our existing customers through their challenges, but that we also provided new ways for our customers to get visibility into their application security program while helping them to scale with the pressures of 2020.

We’ve previously recapped some of our product enhancements from this year, such as this blog covering Q2 and this one covering Q3 for 2020, but now we will cover the highlights for Q4. Below, we’ll recap some of the new and exciting features we have released as a part of our application security portfolio (inclusive of our industry-leading testing and monitoring solutions).

Increase your visibility

We continue to hear the desire to gain more visibility into application security programs, which is why we have released:

New ‘All Apps’ report in InsightAppSec

New "All Apps" feature in Rapid7 InsightAppSec allows you to get a single view into risk activity across all of your applications.

The New “All Apps” report in InsightAppSec is now available for companies that are looking to get a single view into risk activity across all of their applications and communicate this up to their leadership teams. Want to check it out? Click here to see how you can create your own All Apps report in InsightAppSec today!

New joint ‘All Apps’ and ‘All Assets’ report (between InsightAppSec and InsightVM)

New reports in Rapid7 InsightVM and InsightAppSec allow you to get a single view into your full-stack vulnerability risk management.

Are you currently using InsightAppSec and InsightVM and looking for a view into the risk across your vulnerability risk management portfolio? Check out this new joint report, where you can get a single view into your full-stack vulnerability risk management activity across both InsightVM and InsightAppSec. You can find more information about this here!

Scale up with ease

While visibility is a key component to a successful VRM program, many teams were challenged this year with the need to scale their application security programs and activities. We wanted to make it easier on these teams, so we released the following features to help security teams save time and effort when it came to these scaling activities:

Application tagging in InsightAppSec

The new application tagging feature in Rapid7 InsightAppSec allows you to easily create and manage tags across one or multiple apps for better management.

You can now easily create and manage tags across one or multiple apps based on what matters to you, such as criticality, tech stack, environment, or business unit. This helps you manage your application portfolio by filtering both apps and vulnerabilities based on these tags.

New pages in InsightAppSec

New pages released in Rapid7 InsightAppSec allow you to create and manage scan schedules and blackouts. in a single view.

We have launched a new global schedule page that allows you to create and manage scan schedules and blackouts in a single view, and we have created a new manage files tab that saves you time when it comes to edits or updates that need to be made to macros for scan authentication (you can now download the macro file and make edits, rather than having to re-record the entire macro!).

We added a new "Files" tab to Rapid7 InsightAppsec which helps you save time when it comes to edits or updates to macros for scan authentication.

tCell now available in Europe

We understand the importance of data sovereignty, which is why we wanted to make sure we made tCell available globally, with new data centers in Europe and new ones to be added in Q1 of 2021.

AppFirewall filter on IP CIDR ranges and Groups

Looking to reduce the noise and number of events in the AppFirewall dashboard in tCell? We have added filtering on IP Groups and CIDR ranges so you can get faster, more actionable insights.

Keep up with constant change

While we are only highlighting some of our updates above, we recognize application development is ever-changing and we want to be able to support our customers to build secure software. For that reason we wanted to share one more update with you from this quarter:

New Envoy agent in tCell

If you are currently (or looking to explore) leveraging the Envoy Proxy for your cloud-native apps, tCell now has a dedicated Envoy agent that plugs directly into the proxy layer to provide monitoring and protection capabilities for modern architectures.

As always, many of our releases this quarter went through early access programs with our customers, and if you were one of our customers who participated and gave us feedback, we just want to take a moment to say thank you! We appreciate your feedback and always look for ways to incorporate it to make our solutions provide the maximum value to our customers. Want to participate in an on-going or upcoming early access program to have your voice heard on areas where we can continue to improve our products? Reach out to your CSM, who can tell you about ongoing early access programs and get you signed up!

Thank you for your loyalty and support through 2020. We look forward to 2021 and our continued partnership!


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