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At Rapid7, our Technical Support teams deliver a world-class support experience to our customers across the globe. We have Support Moose on 4 continents, in 10 offices, and across 8 time zones, but we're all one herd. So, how do we achieve this? We swarm on cases together each day, we collaborate with team members across the world, we're learning constantly, and we live and breathe Never Done, one of our core values. For any team member, that means there are endless possibilities in what you can do at Rapid7, because the support for you is limitless.

We talked with a few of our Technical Support Engineers to hear firsthand about why they chose to join Rapid7, their career growth so far, and cool projects they've had the opportunity to work on!

Shan Yao Technical Support Engineer I

Steph Blair Technical Support Engineer I Apprentice

Ryan Caren Senior Technical Support Engineer

Jenni Natiw Manager, Technical Support

Mark Gottschalk Technical Support Engineer I Apprentice

How has Rapid7 supported your career growth?

“I joined Rapid7 as a part of the DivvyCloud acquisition. Going from being an individual contributor in a startup environment to a manager in a larger company is a big change. Rapid7 has done many helpful things to make that transition much smoother. Being a part of the Emerging Moose program, I have learned a lot on how to best manage my team in an effective and efficient manner. I have also had the opportunity to make an impact in the product development process, working closely with our Product and Engineering teams. Additionally, I have been supported throughout this entire process by my Director, Jayashri. She has pushed me to do things I wouldn't have done on my own with regards to mentoring, networking, and using my voice to be an advocate for our customers and my team." - Jenni Natiw

“Before I joined Rapid7, my job role was a cake decorator. I made and decorated bespoke cakes for events and parties, but I wanted a change in career. I started to study cybersecurity at a local college and ended up joining Rapid7 as an apprentice. Career growth so far has been incredible — from starting out with little to no IT experience, to working in a worldwide cybersecurity company as a technical support engineer. Rapid7 has got my foot into the door of IT, and my skills and experience have grown massively. I have learned so much on my journey so far in a short space of time and am excited to continue to learn and grow as a person." - Steph Blair

What cool technology/projects have you had the opportunity to work on?

“I was given a project to redesign the current update servers Rapid7 uses. Specifically, I was tasked to propose a solution to future-proof the system, using services and technologies within Amazon Web Services (AWS). I then had to give a presentation in front of one of our Directors and Senior Managers.

This was great for learning more about AWS and to create a solution that would best serve Rapid7's customers globally. I got to learn about creating instances in different regions to give more reach and failover, and about using load-balancing technologies. It was a very interesting project to get involved in." - Mark Gottschalk

“Guru Card is the best project I have worked on. It's like an automation technology to help my peers to identify and provide solutions to customers." - Shan Yao

What made you most excited to join Rapid7, and what made you most excited to stay at Rapid7?

“From my interview stage, I could tell Rapid7 was not a traditional IT company. One of the questions put to me at the interview was about how I would get rid of space junk if I had all the resources in the world! When I was offered my position I was ecstatic, and I still feel so lucky to be involved with Rapid7. It was a significant career change, and I was excited to start learning and developing new skills within this industry. I'm most excited now for the opportunities that I have ahead of me with such a young and expanding company. I feel valued, and I'm part of a great close-knit team that I can always count on." - Mark Gottschalk

“Originally, I had joined Rapid7 based on some really positive feedback from friends who had worked there previously, alongside my own personal drive to have a career in the cybersecurity space. I'm excited for my future working in Rapid7 due to the fast-paced environment where everyday feels like it presents a new challenge. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of a great team whom I enjoy working alongside." - Ryan Caren

“When I first joined my cybersecurity course in college, Rapid7 was brought up numerous times in regards to cybersecurity. From then, I did research myself and found out that this was a HUGE company with offices all around the world and could only ever imagine working somewhere like that! When I got accepted for a job I was very excited. I couldn't believe it — I accepted straight away. From my first day at Rapid7, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. It is such a great environment to work in. It's not just about the work (although that is a huge part) — we take part in lots of other cool things like movie nights, nights out for dinner, mini golf, axe throwing, etc. It's great to have a work/social balance and wind down after a day in the office. I can truly say that I have made friends for life and can't wait to see what the future holds for me at Rapid7." - Steph Blair

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