Last updated at Thu, 24 Mar 2022 13:07:04 GMT

At Rapid7, there's no shortage of passionate leaders looking to challenge convention and make an impact. Our "7 Rapid Questions" series is a way to highlight some of the amazing work taking place behind the scenes, and the exciting growth opportunities available in our global offices.

For this installment, we spoke with Stephen Donnelly, Rapid7's Senior Engineering Manager for SOAR in our Belfast office.

Stephen Donnelly

What does SOAR stand for?

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration Automation Response.

Describe what your teams do in 3 phrases

1. We provide a wide variety of interoperability between our own and other vendors' products.

2. We accelerate time-intensive, highly manual incident response and vulnerability management processes.

3. We create a consistent automation experience for our customers across our entire Insight Platform, whether they are cloud or on-premise-based.

What are your most important technical goals in 2022?

For 2022, we’re looking at performance at scale, building an open API culture for our customers, and breaking down our work to show value to customers on a regular and consistent cadence.

What is your tech stack?

We use a little bit of everything, primarily Go, Python, Java, Kotlin, React, Typescript, AWS, and Datadog.

What’s a fun fact some people might not know about you?

I once tried out for the National American Football team after playing for the QUB American Football team. It hurts emotionally… and physically.

What was one of your proudest moments at work?

I’d say it’s been seeing our team grow in the last year. We had 13 people join our SOAR practice in 3 months, and seeing how they have all been welcomed and embraced by the teams tells me that Rapid7 is properly focused on our people and their experiences within the organization.

What three words would you use to describe the culture at Rapid7?

Welcoming, authentic, and learning.

Interested in exploring a new role? Stephen and his team are hiring in Belfast! Click here to browse our open jobs at Rapid7.