Last updated at Wed, 03 May 2023 13:50:46 GMT

As we continue to empower security teams with the freedom to focus on what matters most, Q4 focused on investments and releases that contributed to that vision. With InsightIDR, Rapid7’s cloud-native XDR and SIEM solution, teams have the scale, comprehensive contextual coverage, and expertly vetted detections they need to thwart threats early in the attack chain.

This 2022 Q4 recap post offers a closer look at the recent investments and releases we’ve made over the past quarter. Here are some of the highlights:

Easy to create and manage log search, dashboards, and reports

You spoke, we listened! Per our customers, you can now create tables with multiple columns, allowing teams to see all data in one view. For example, simply add a query with a “where” clause and select a table display followed by the columns you want displayed.

Additionally, teams can reduce groupby search results with the having() clause. Customers can filter out what data is returned from groupby results with the option to layer in existing analytics function support (e.g. count, unique, max).

Accelerated time to value

The InsightIDR Onboarding Progress Tracker, available for customers during their 90 day onboarding period, is a self-serve, centralized check-list of onboarding tasks with step-by-step guidance, completion statuses, and context on the “what” and “why” of each task.

No longer onboarding? No problem! We made the progress tracker available beyond the 90-day onboarding period so customers can evaluate setup progress and ensure InsightIDR is operating at full capacity to effectively detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

Visibility across your modern environment

For those that leverage Palo Alto Cortex, you can now configure Palo Alto Cortex Data Lake to send activity to InsightIDR including syslog-encrypted Web Proxy, Firewall, Ingress Authentication, etc. Similarly, for customers leveraging Zscaler, you can now configure Zscaler Log Streaming Service (LSS) to receive and parse user activity and audit logs from Zscaler Private Access through the LSS.

For teams who do not have the bandwidth to set up and manage multiple event sources pertaining to Cisco Meraki, we have added support to ingest Cisco Meraki events through the Cisco Meraki API. This will enable you to deploy and add new event sources with less management.

Customers can now bring data from their Government Community Cloud (GCC) and GCC High environments when setting up the Office365 event source to ensure security standards are met when processing US Government data.

Stay tuned!

We’re always working on new product enhancements and functionality to ensure your team can stay ahead of potential threats and malicious activity. Keep an eye on the Rapid7 blog and the InsightIDR release notes to keep up to date with the latest detection and response releases at Rapid7.