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2 min Cybersecurity

Lessons from video game companies: automation unleashes robust monitoring & observability

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how monitoring and observability capabilities enable video game organizations to bolster their cybersecurity defenses – and provide a better, more reliable gaming experience.

3 min Cybersecurity

How To Present SecOps Metrics (The Right Way)

Metrics presentations can get boring. So, it is essential for security professionals to make them engaging. Here's how.

1 min Lost Bots

[Lost Bots] S03 E04 A Security Leader’s Playbook for the C-suite

In a special two-part “Lost Bots,” hosts Jeffrey Gardner and Stephen Davis talk about presenting cybersecurity results up the org chart.

4 min Vendor Consolidation

Four Signs You Need to Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Learn how consolidation can improve productivity, visibility, and reporting as well as bridge staff resourcing gaps.

2 min Cybersecurity

Executive Webinar: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk, Part Three

Get practical and actionable advice on how to implement a cyber target operating model that aligns with your business and reduces risk.

2 min Cybersecurity

Executive Webinar: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk, Part Two

Jason Hart, Rapid7’s Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, will discuss how organisations can develop the ability to adapt in times of great stress and impact.

2 min Cybersecurity

Executive Webinar: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk

Jason Hart, Rapid7’s Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, shared his experiences to help executives create a positive cybersecurity culture.

10 min Research

Rapid7 Observes Use of Microsoft OneNote to Spread Redline Infostealer and Qakbot Malware

Recently, Rapid7 observed malicious actors using OneNote files to deliver malicious code. This post details our findings.

4 min Cybersecurity

The 2022 Naughty and Nice List

We asked a few of our experts to share what they think deserves to be on the cybersecurity naughty list and what needs to be on the nice list for 2022.

3 min Cybersecurity

ICYMI: 10 Cybersecurity Acronyms You Should Know in 2023

Cybersecurity is acronym-heavy to say the least. If you’re reading this, you already know. However, even the nerdiest among us miss a few. So, here are 10 cybersecurity acronyms you should know in 2023.

4 min Cybersecurity

Tis the Season to Be Wary: Three Holiday Shopping Scams To Watch For

The holiday season is a potential goldmine for scammers. Thankfully, if you know what to look for it's relatively easy to stay safe.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

Powerlifting in the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

If your SOC hasn’t been running smoothly in a while, there’s likely multiple reasons why. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. An MDR provider could help you weather the talent gap.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

How to Foster Talent in a Cybersecurity Skills Gap

It’s more about thoughtfully building a talent pipeline that benefits your specific organization and moves the needle for the company. The key word in that last sentence? Thoughtfully.

5 min Cybersecurity

No Damsels in Distress: How Media and Entertainment Companies Can Secure Data and Content

As media and entertainment companies grow their cloud footprints, they’re also opening themselves up to vulnerabilities threat actors can exploit.

4 min Security Strategy

Building Cybersecurity KPIs for Business Leaders and Stakeholders

In this post, we discuss how to operationalise security into an overall strategy measured by cybersecurity KPIs.