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Setup of Discovery Connection Azure

Are you having trouble trying to get your Azure assets into your InsightVM security console? This blog will help you get started with assessing your Azure virtual machines in InsightVM.

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OMIGOD: How to Automatically Detect and Fix Microsoft Azure’s New OMI Vulnerability

On September 14, 2021, security researchers disclosed new vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure’s implementation of Open Management Interface (OMI).

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Securing Your Cloud Environments with InsightIDR, Part 1: Microsoft Azure

This post reviews logging considerations for Microsoft Azure environments, and integrations and detections available in Rapid7’s cloud SIEM, InsightIDR.

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Azure Security Center and Active Directory Now Integrate with the Rapid7 Platform

Today, we announced [] continued, more comprehensive development of the integration between the Rapid7 Insight platform [] and Microsoft Azure. A new integration with Azure Security Center makes it easy to deploy the Rapid7 unified Insight Agent across new and existing Azure Virtual Machines. This automated deployment enables InsightVM customers to maintain consta

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Announcing Microsoft Azure Asset Discovery in InsightVM

Almost every security or IT practitioner is familiar with the ascent and continued dominance [] of Amazon Web Services (AWS). But you only need to peel back a layer or two to find Microsoft Azure growing its own market share [] and establishing its position as the most-used, most-likely-to-renew [