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We want speak at UNITED 2017!

Are you an IT or security professional who secretly dreams of speaking to a group of passionate people facing the same challenges and celebrating the same victories as you? Dream no more: For the next three weeks, we're accepting submissions for presentations at UNITED 2017 [] (September 13-14 in Boston). This is a golden opportunity to submit a talk on something you're excited about—or struggling with, or interested in exploring with other security practitione

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RSA Conference 2017 Exhibits - Is Your Artificial Intelligence Only 1.0?

If you walked the RSA Conference floor(s) in San Francisco this year, you probably needed to sit down a few times in passing the 680 vendors - not because of the distance or construction as much as from the sensory overload and Rubik's cube challenge of matching vendors with the problems they address. Since Anton Chuvakin already stole my thunder by declaring there was no theme [] with such effective snark it made me j

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Losing My Hair at RSA Conference – On Purpose and For a Great Cause!

I'm excited to be shaving my head at Shaves that Save at the RSA Conference US 2017 []—the second annual event where information security professionals go bald to raise money to fund a cure for childhood cancer and the St Baldrick's Foundation.  I hope you can join us a for a whole lot of fun—head shaving, a great DJ, a bar to benefit St Baldrick's, and an appearance by Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion. And while we'll have a lot of f

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Set Up for Success at BSidesLV's Proving Ground

One of the most nerve-wrecking things a person can do is give a talk to a group of people. As a matter of fact, approximately 3 out of 4 people suffer from speech anxiety. This is further exacerbated in an industry and community like ours where many of us are introverts and/or suffer from "imposter syndrome". We think we aren't as smart or good at something as we actually are. We often feel like someone else has done a better job explaining a theory or area in information security than we ever c

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London Infosec Assemble: Join us for a SecurityTalk Breakfast Briefing!

January 30th, 9AM: We'll be joining Okta and Code42 for a breakfast brief [] to share what we're seeing in security today. If you're worried about the security of your cloud services, ransomware, or simply the top attack vectors attackers are succeeding with today, this is a must-attend event. At Rapid7, we understand you're inundat

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UNITEDSummit 2016: An attendee's perspective

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Mike Perez, Implementation Engineer for Cryptzone. Since my initial introduction to Rapid7's UNITED Summit customer conference in 2015, I had been looking forward to the opportunity to attend again. The conference is a mixture of good fun, great food, and excellent content in my hometown of Boston at a vibrant venue (the Seaport Hotel).  The event covers Rapid7's product line and how the offerings can help their customers.  However, in my opinion, Rapid7

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Intel Security FOCUS 16 - Recap of a great conference!

Intel Security's user conference FOCUS 16 wrapped up last week, and it was a great experience for Intel Security customers, partners and Rapid7. We announced some exciting new integrations, met with dozens of great mutual customers, and even won some crystal! Here are the highlights of Rapid7's big week at the show: * We're the real MVP! Rapid7 was named Most Valuable Partner [

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#UNITEDSummit 2016: Empowerment

Empowerment. It was the theme for this year's UNITED Summit and each talk, training, intensive and networking break gave attendees the chance to learn about the challenges and opportunities that impact professionals to help drive their security program forward. And that feeling of empowerment was truly felt in the closing keynote from Chris Nickerson [], CEO of Lares. Through colorful analogy, Chris explained the difference between and power behind choosing versus dec

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#UNITEDSummit 2016: Day 2 Recap

If you read about how great Day 1 was [/2016/11/03/unitedsummit-2016-day-1-recap], or about the amazing Rapid Fire panel [/2016/11/02/rapid7-rapid-fire-at-united-summit-a-spirited-debate], then it should be no surprise that Day 2 of #UNITEDSummit once again had top-notch speakers, lots of energy and empowerment. Here are the highlights: Customers were brought to a place of wonderment with “Fantastic Threat Intel and Where to Find Them” presented by Rebekah Brown [] a

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#UNITEDSummit 2016: Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of #UNITEDSummit 2016 was full of energy, valuable information sharing and empowerment – all perfectly aligned with these year's theme. We saw today how our customers are helping to drive innovation while simultaneously safeguarding it from the significant risk that comes with pervasive interconnectivity. In this age of unprecedented digital connection, the need for security professionals is unparalleled and it is our customers who are the heroes of the Innovation Age. During the opening

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Rapid7 Rapid Fire at UNITED Summit: A Spirited Debate

Rapid Fire returned for the third time to the UNITED Security Summit and once again brought together the infosec community to join the spirited debates. With great questions and participation from the audience, the Rapid7 team would like to first thank everyone who attended this evening – from our customers and UNITED attendees, to the Boston infosec community. Our panel this year featured: * Josh Corman @joshcorman [] (Founder, I am The Cavalry) * David Kenn

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Multiple Disclosures for Multiple Network Management Systems, Part 2

As you may recall, back in December Rapid7 disclosed six vulnerabilities [/2015/12/16/multiple-disclosures-for-multiple-network-management-systems] that affect four different Network Management System (NMS) products, discovered by Deral Heiland [] of Rapid7 and independent researcher Matthew Kienow []. In March, Deral followed up with another pair of vulnerabilities [/2016/03/17/r7-2016-02-multiple-vulnerabilities-in-mangeengine-opu

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User Cons: The Celebrities Amongst Us

Celebrity is an odd sensation. Rooms filled with seemingly normal people can suddenly shift into a buzz of excitement, anticipating the approaching time-slot of a well-known figure. We've all been there, and typically it's a movie star, former President, or Fortune 100 CEO in a mock turtleneck. Celebrity, however, comes in all different shapes and sizes. And in 1998 there was really only one major celebrity you cared about: Those that might not recognize the beaked goodness that is Furby, let

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[Security Nation] Recapping Black Hat 2016

The security world descended on Las Vegas last week for the trifecta of Black Hat, DEF CON, and BSidesLV.

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Black Hat 2016: Introducing the Rapid7 Moose (and a Twitter Contest)

First off: Hi! I'm the new community manager here at Rapid7. And like many in the security community, I'll be heading to Vegas for Black Hat, BSidesLV and DEF CON in a little more than a week. I'm looking forward to diving right in to meeting the community and learning from some of the smartest professionals in the industry. I've prepped by reading last year's Black Hat Attendee Guide [/2015/07/13/the-black-hat-attendee-guide-part-1] and if you're heading to Vegas, I recommend you take a look, t