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The 12 Days of HaXmas: A Festive Blog Series Recapping Security in 2018

It’s the waning days of 2018, so it’s time to usher in our traditional end-of-year blog series, the 12 Days of HaXmas.

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A Visit From a Printer PoC

The story of a group effort to perform a successful holiday printer hack...translated into rhymed verse for your HaXmas entertainment.

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Certificate Transparency: The Gift That Keeps Giving

While it's no surprise that both attackers and defenders can garner valuable information about the networks that they’re targeting (or defending), it may come as a surprise that a smörgåsbord of information on these networks is often publicly available. Moreover, once this information has been made available to the public, it can be exceedingly, if not impossibly difficult to remove or redact. Consider the transient nature of DNS records. While these records may be used to enumerate the sub-dom

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The Ghost of a Botnet (Possibly) Past

For a week and a half in April, Rapid7 Labs observed a botnet with 18,000 distinct IPs marauding across the public internet. Then it disappeared, only to resurface again later. Join us as we tell the HaXmas tale of the ghost of a botnet past!

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Hohoho-wned: First Steps Toward a Pen Test Oriented Rootkit

Year after year it seems that Santa is intent on sending me coal, but little does he know that this year I already have access to one of his Linux machines and I'm going to make sure that I at least deserve to get my fair share of black rocks. I decided to dig into the world of Linux rootkits and long-term footholds with evasion techniques; this is an area where lots of previous research has been done, but in traditional bootstrapper fashion I decided to start writing a backdoor from scratch wit

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Visions past and future: 2018 security predictions

Happy 2018, fellow humans (but not to you, bot army!). Like we've done in years before, we recently rounded up some of the best minds and most trenchant commentators the security industry has to offer and asked them to sum up the year gone by (whether good, bad, or ugly) and shed light on what's in store for the 363 days ahead. To see how our predictions fared in prior years, check out the 2015 [/2014/12/19/rapid7-perspectiverapid7-2014-infosec-retrospective-predictions-for-2015/] , 2016 [/2015/

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Yankee Swapped: MQTT Primer, Exposure, Exploitation, and Exploration

This HaXmas, Rapid7's Jon Hart Yankee swaps readers a few minutes' attention for a festive look at MQTT exposure on the public IPv4 internet (and an exploitation module!).

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Auld Lang Syne: Threat Intelligence Resolutions for 2018

It’s that time of the year again! It is the time where we look back over the past year to see what we accomplished, what we did well, what we can improve on for next year. In Cyber Threat Intelligence we had a lot going on this year, and I would say that we more or less kicked 2017’s butt. There was a lot less talk about indiscriminately using threat feeds and more talk about looking for the right information and context (it was my 2015 HaXmas dream come true [/2015/12/27/charlie-brown-threat-i

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HaXmas Review: A Year of Patch Tuesdays

Today’s installment of the 12 Days of HaXmas [/tag/haxmas] is about 2017’s 12 months of Patch Tuesdays [/tag/patch-tuesday/]. Never mind that there were only eleven months this year, thanks to Microsoft canceling [] most of February’s planned fixes. This coincided with when they’d planned to [] roll out their

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12 Memorable Metasploit Moments of 2017

This HaXmas, we delve into 12 Memorable Metasploit Moments from 2017 that inspired us, impressed us, and made us feel more connected to our global community of contributors, users, and friends.

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An Evaluation of the North Pole’s Password Security Posture

Co-written by Jonathan Stines [] and Tommy Dew []. See all of this year's HaXmas content here [/tag/haxmas]. He sees your password choices; He knows when they’re not great. So don’t reuse those passwords, please, And make them all longer than eight. Now that Christmas has passed and all of the chaos from the holidays is winding down, Santa and the elves are finally able to sit back and recover from the strenuous Holiday commotion. H

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Regifting Python in Metasploit

Metasploit has been taking random Python scripts off the internet and passing them off as modules! Well, not exactly. Read on to see how we're extending the module system's scalability and what Python has to do with that.

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Forget The Presents: HaXmas Is All About The [Gift] Certificates

2017 is nearly at an end, and most of the cybersecurity world is glad to see it go. We've been plagued with a myriad of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and attacks that have kept many of us working harder than Santa's elves on December 23rd to ensure our systems and networks were not in harm's way. The attacks may be over, but 2017 is not done "giving" just yet. Earlier this year, the Google Chrome team announced [!topic/blink-dev/eUAKwjihhBs%

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Uses For Tech of HaXmas Past

Before you throw technology from HaXmas gifts past on the shelf of misfit toys, consider this story about how one security researcher found new uses for an old gizmo. Your old tech is crying out to be reused!

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HaXmas: The True Meaning(s) of Metasploit

Rapid7 Research Director Tod Beardsley kicks off our storied "12 Days of HaXmas" series with a thrilling tale of browser 0day, exploit module development, and the true meaning(s) of Metasploit.