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3 min Haxmas

The Importance of Updating and Patching Your New Electronic Presents

Regardless of the type of device under your tree, here are some quick and easy things to look for and change to help better secure your holiday gifts.

4 min Haxmas

All I Want for Christmas Is a Big Box of Quirky IoT

Here is a roundup of some of the quirkiest pieces of IoT tech I have collected for my IoT research lab.

12 min Denial of Service (DoS)

How I Shut Down a (Test) Factory with a Single Layer 2 Packet

In this blog, we discuss how a Denial of Service (DoS) bug could crash all Beckhoff PLCs running the Profinet protocol stack if an attacker gains access.

1 min Haxmas

Happy HaXmas! Join Our New Twitter Tradition for the Best of Security in 2019 and Beyond

For the month of December, Rapid7’s Twitter account will serve as your security advent calendar, full of stories, advice, inspiration, and a bit of fun.

6 min Haxmas

Happy HaXmas! Year-End Internet Scanning Observations

As we wrap up 2018 and forge ahead into 2019, let's reflect on some of the key observations we made through our internet scanning with Project Sonar.

7 min Haxmas

Santa's ELFs: Running Linux Executables Without execve

Santa's ELFs do not get a post-holiday break, since the Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) is the base of numerous Unix-like operating systems.

25 min Haxmas

The Ghost of Exploits Past: A Deep Dive into the Morris Worm

In this post, we will dive into the exploit development process for the three modules we created in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Morris worm.

5 min Haxmas

HaXmas Review: 12 Patch Tuesdays a-Patching

Another year, another 701 patched Microsoft vulnerabilities: just a 2% increase from 2017's count of 686.

4 min Haxmas

The Layer 8(th) Day of Christmas: Rapid7 Pen Testers Reveal Social Engineering Insights at Recent Conference

Four Rapid7 pen testers recently gathered at the brand-new Layer 8 conference in Rhode Island to present on social engineering and open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering.

5 min Haxmas

Advice for the Lazy Family Sysadmin

With some careful choices, you can be a lazy family system administrator this holiday. Here’s my experience, along with some tips.

4 min Haxmas

Once a Haxer, Always a Haxor

Like most hackers, I liked to take apart my holiday gifts as a kid. In this blog, I take apart Amazon's voice-controlled microwave oven to see how it works.

7 min Haxmas

The New Shiny: Memorable Metasploit Moments of 2018

Happy HaXmas, friends. Metasploit turned 15 this year, and by all accounts, 2018 was pretty epic.

3 min Haxmas

R7-2018-52: Guardzilla IoT Video Camera Hard-Coded Credential (CVE-2018-5560)

Most HaXmas posts are full of fun and frivolity, but this one is a routine vulnerability disclosure in a piece of IoT gear that you should know about.

5 min Haxmas

The Nightmare After Christmas

With all the incidents that occurred in 2018, you may feel a bit like a CISO Scrooge. Here's how you can prepare for next year (in poem form!)

4 min Haxmas

The Return of Snapid Kevin to the North Pole

Santa has once again enlisted the help of his security consultant, Snapid Kevin, to evaluate his physical security. What will Snapid turn up?