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9 min Threat Intel

The Top 5 Russian Cyber Threat Actors to Watch

These 5 threat actors are identified by our Threat Intelligence Research team as the most likely (i.e., highest risk) to carry out cyberattacks against European and US companies.

5 min Threat Intel

For Health Insurance Companies, Web Apps Can Be an Open Wound

Misconfigured web apps can leave your defenses wide open. Here's how health insurance providers can harden their web app security and protect their data.

4 min Threat Intel

The Big Target on Cyber Insurers' Backs

According to our research, cyber insurance providers are highly targeted in the insurance space. Find out why and what they can do to protect themselves.

7 min Threat Intel

What's New in Threat Intelligence: 2021 Year in Review

Last year marked a huge milestone with the acquisition of IntSights by Rapid7, and over the course of 2021, we continued to add value to our products.

3 min Threat Intel

Log4Shell Makes Its Appearance in Hacker Chatter: 4 Observations

The Rapid7 Threat Intelligence team is tracking the attacker's-eye view on Log4Shell and the related chatter on the clear, deep, and dark web.

3 min SOAR

Better Together: XDR, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, and External Threat Intelligence

Effectively prioritizing security incidents comes down to having the right data and intelligence from inside your IT environment and the world outside.

5 min Threat Intel

4 Simple Steps for an Effective Threat Intelligence Program

By following these simple steps, you can implement an effective threat intelligence program that's built for the modern cybersecurity environment.

3 min Detection and Response

SANS 2021 Threat Hunting Survey: How Organizations' Security Postures Have Evolved in the New Normal

The SANS Institute has conducted its sixth annual Threat Hunting Survey. Read this post for a preview of the survey's findings and its takeaways.

5 min Cybersecurity

[R]Evolution of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Practice

Threat intelligence is transitioning from a separate pillar to a central hub that feeds all the functions of the security organization.

4 min Threat Intel

What It Was Like to Attend Black Hat USA 2021 and DEF CON 29 in Person

I attended Black Hat USA 2021 and DEF CON 29, marking the fifth time that I made this annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for cybersecurity professionals.

1 min Lost Bots

[The Lost Bots] Episode 1: External Threat Intelligence

Welcome to The Lost Bots, a new vlog series where Rapid7 resident expert and former CISO, Jeffrey Gardner (virtually) sits down with fellow industry experts to spill the tea on current events and trends in the security space.

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Yes, Fraudsters Can Bypass the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Requirement

Any new security regulation attracts the attention of fraudsters and cybercriminals. It’s safe to assume they're able to bypass SCA.

3 min Threat Intel

The CISO as an Ethical Leader: Building Accountability Into Cybersecurity

It’s important that cybersecurity leaders reinforce ethical practices in guarding against data loss.

3 min Threat Intel

Insider-Assisted Attacks Prove Costly for Telecoms

Here are some instances in which telecom companies were breached with the help of an insider.

3 min Threat Intel

Sending the All-Clear Signal: The Implications of WhatsApp’s New Data Privacy Policy

Popular messaging app WhatsApp announced new data privacy policy changes set to debut on February 8, much to the chagrin of its massive user base.