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3 min Detection and Response

Demystifying XDR: Where SIEM and XDR Collide

Forrester analyst Allie Mellen shares her perspective on SIEM vs. XDR and how the two can coexist within today's SOC teams.

3 min Detection and Response

Demystifying XDR: How Humans and Machines Join Forces in Threat Response

Finding the right balance between machine learning and human know-how is an essential part of a successful XDR implementation.

3 min Detection and Response

Demystifying XDR: A Forrester Analyst Lays the Foundation

We sat down with Forrester Analyst Allie Mellen to discuss extended detection and response (XDR) and how organizations can benefit from this approach.

3 min SOAR

Better Together: XDR, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, and External Threat Intelligence

Effectively prioritizing security incidents comes down to having the right data and intelligence from inside your IT environment and the world outside.

4 min InsightIDR

InsightIDR Was XDR Before XDR Was Even a Thing: An Origin Story

With InsightIDR, you already have the capability to achieve XDR outcomes right now.

1 min Lost Bots

[The Lost Bots] Episode 2: Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

In this second episode, Jeffrey sits down with Dan Martin, a lead product manager for our platform at Rapid7, to discuss Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

4 min InsightIDR

Rapid7 + XDR: Security that Moves as Fast as Your Business

Making threat detection and response as agile and simple as possible enables security professionals to focus their time and energy on the most critical incidents and the things that matter most.