Last updated at Fri, 12 Jan 2024 17:46:33 GMT

Cloud technology is everywhere. From our annual survey, we found that 79% of organizations are allowing approved cloud services, with Office 365, Google Apps, and Salesforce coming in as top 3. Our full incident detection & investigation solution, InsightIDR, our incident detection and response solution, and InsightUBA, our user behavior analytics solution are both cloud-based by design, and hosts in the US-based Amazon S3 cloud. Driven by market demand, we now offer a European hosting option to help meet regional data hosting compliance requirements. This means when you come aboard, you can choose between Amazon hosting centers in the US and Germany. Bitte sehr! (You're welcome!)

With this flexibility in hosting jurisdiction, you have more choice with regards to privacy laws. Rapid7 will use Amazon Web Services in the EU, which has been declared compliant with EU privacy regulations by the Article 29 Working Party, a European data rights group. With Germany having one of the strongest data privacy laws in the world, your data is well protected. To learn more about the security of the Insight Platform, visit our Rapid7 Trust page.

The Insight Platform Cloud Architecture

We're obsessively focused on detecting and stopping intruders anywhere they go in your ecosystem. InsightIDR and InsightUBA reliably detect intruders taking over user accounts using stealthy attacks, such as stolen credentials and lateral movement. By providing visibility into intruder behavior across the entire network, from the endpoint to the cloud, a security team can respond quickly and with confidence. It eliminates alert fatigue, puts all ecosystem activity into the context of a user, and accelerates incident response time by an order of magnitude.

Below is an architecture diagram showing how we integrate with your network & security stack to send those events securely to the cloud.

European organizations from a wide range of industries are already leveraging InsightIDR and InsightUBA, including technology, retail, professional services, and media. These organizations are driven by the need to detect and stop intruders, speed up incident investigations, and handle their growing mountain of security data without having to deploy a hardware farm.

European hosting is available immediately.