Last updated at Mon, 11 Mar 2024 18:09:12 GMT

InsightIDR, our SIEM powered by user behavior analytics, is now available to try in your environment. For those who have anxiously awaited this day, let’s get going! Start your Free Trial!

In this post, I’d like to share what to expect if you take InsightIDR out for a test drive.

How Can InsightIDR Help Your Team?

Unify data. Nearly every SIEM helps you with centralized log management, speeding up incident investigations and checking the box for compliance. With our cloud-architecture and included Insight Agent, our security analytics go a step further to give you coverage for common visibility gaps, endpoints and cloud services, without having to devote time to big data management overhead.

Quick win: Connect a few data sources into InsightIDR and identify anomalies with Visual Search—no query language required.

Detect attacks. Drawing from our knowledge gleaned from thousands of pen tests and response engagements, we understand how attackers work and what they leave behind. InsightIDR comes with pre-built detections across the attack chain, meaning you’re the first to identify stealthy behavior, no rule-writing required.

Quick win: Deploy the included Honeypot in your environment to detect network scans.

Prioritize risk. Legacy SIEM is great when you know what you’re looking for; it’s less helpful in showing you where to start. Once set-up (within hours!), InsightIDR identifies misconfigurations and risk, ranging from weak password policy to lateral movement. You’ll not only meet compliance and detect attacks, but proactively improve the company’s security posture—with the dashboards to prove it.

Quick win: Identify administrators across local, network, and cloud services and ensure their passwords regularly expire.