Last updated at Wed, 15 Mar 2023 21:26:19 GMT

Welcome back to The Lost Bots! In our latest episode, we're talking about phishing attacks — but not your standard run-of-the-mill version. Instead, we're focusing on a new technique known as browser-in-browser attacks, unpacking what it means and how it should factor into your organization's security strategy.

Our hosts Jeffrey Gardner, Detection and Response Practice Advisor, and Stephen Davis, Lead D&R Sales Technical Advisor, highlight the telltale signs of browser-in-browser attacks you should look out for as you're carrying out your day-to-day work and life on the internet. They also discuss how to set up user behavior analytics rules in your SIEM that will help you detect this type of threat, as well as how to make end-user training more effective.

Check back with us on Thursday, September 29, for the next Lost Bots installment!

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