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Weekly Metasploit Update: Post Modules!

This week, let's talk about post-modules, since we have two new fun ones to discuss. Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell is a scripting language and shell for Windows platforms, used primarily by system administrators. While untrusted scripts are not allowed to run by default, many users will be tempted to set their execution environments to be pretty permissive. This, in turn, can provide a rich (and almost completely overlooked) post-exploitation playground. To that end, this update featur

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Weekly Metasploit Update: DNS payloads, Exploit-DB, and More

This week we've got a nifty new shellcode delivery scheme, we've normalized on Exploit-DB serial numbers, and a pile of new modules, so if you don't have Metasploit yet, you can snag it here []. DNS Payloads in TXT Records To quote RFC 1464 [] describing DNS TXT records, "it would be useful to take advantage of the widespread use and scalability of the DNS to store information that has not been previously defined." I don't kno

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Weekly Metasploit Update: Spiceworks, AFP, RDP, and a New HTTP Downloader

After a couple of relatively light weeks (blame SXSW, I guess), this week's update has quite a few neat new additions. As always, if you don't already have Metasploit, what are you waiting for []? For the rest of us, here's what's new. Importapalooza This week's update has support for importing asset lists exported from Spiceworks, courtesy of Rapid7's Brandon Perry. Spiceworks is a free asset management application used by tons of IT pros and IT amateurs alik

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Weekly Metasploit Update: Session Smarts and GitHub

It's another Metasploit update, and it's headed straight for us! Session Smarts This week, Metasploit session management got a whole lot smarter. Here's the scenario: As a penetration tester, you rook a bunch of people into clicking on your browser-embedded Flash exploit [/2012/03/08/cve-2012-0754], sit back, and watch the sessions rolling in. However, they're all behind a single NAT point, so all your sessions appear to be terminating at a single IP address, and you quickly lose track of who's

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Weekly Metasploit Update: Wmap, Console Search, and More!

In addition to the nuclear-powered exploit [/2012/03/08/cve-2012-0754], we've got a new slew of updates, fixes and modules this week for Metasploit, so let's jump right into the highlights for this update. Updated WMAP Plugin Longtime community contributor Efrain Torres provided a much-anticipated update to the Wmap plugin [] . Wmap automates up a bunch of web-based Metasploit modules via the Metasploit console, fro

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Weekly Metasploit Update: POSIX Meterpreter and New Exploits

This is a pretty modest update, since it's the first after our successful 4.2 release [] last week. Now that 4.2 is out the door, we've been picking up on core framework development, and of course, have a few new modules shipping out. Meterpreter Updates James "egyp7" Lee and community contributor mm__ have been banging on the POSIX side of Meterpreter development this week, and have a couple of significant enhancements to Linux Meterpreter. The mos

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Metasploit 4.2 Released: IPv6, VMware, and Tons of Modules!

Since our last release in October, we've added 54 new exploits, 66 new auxiliary modules, 43 new post-exploitation modules, and 18 new payloads -- that clocks in at just about 1.5 new modules per day since version 4.1. Clearly, this kind of volume is way too much to detail in a single update blog post. Of course, you could just dive in and download the latest version [] to get started. In the meantime, here are the highlights for this latest release

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What is this whole updating thing anyways?

Nexpose by default is programmed to reach out on startup and every six hours afterward to the Rapid 7 update servers. At this time Nexpose checks for any new product and vulnerability content updates. If any updates are available Nexpose attempts to download and apply the data to the Security Console and local Scan Engine. The Security Console also sends updates to any distributed Scan Engines to which it is connected. How do I disable automatic product updates? The Security Console offers a fe

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Help your new sweethearts call home to Metasploit

Setting listener host and ports for payloads in Metasploit Pro Life is full of disappointments: You spend a lot of time flirting with a cute new machine, convince it to accept your payload, and never get a call back – just because the big bad NAT is not letting your new sweetheart phone home. That's why many of you broken hearted pentesters have asked us to make the listener port and IP address for payloads configurable to ports that are usually accessible, such as ports 80 and 443. This week'