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The last 2 years have turned the world on its head, and now, companies across the globe are transitioning into a new normal. In this hybrid world, employee engagement is a moving target, the market is more competitive, and historical face-to-face teaching practices are no longer viable. Rapid7’s People Development team is leaning into innovation, striving to define the next best practice, and reimagining the possibilities of hybrid learning.

Focused on supporting employees (or Moose, as we call ourselves here at Rapid7) on their unique development journeys and the embodiment of our Core Values, People Development noted, “Our peoples' feedback, hybrid work, and our company goals are pointing us in a new direction. So the question becomes, what is People Development’s next evolution in learning? We realize our programs must not only be aligned, impactful, and engaging but also scalable and accessible to our global audience. Additionally, further developing and fostering an environment where continuous learning is woven into our everyday employee experience is key.”

People Dev is flipping over flipped content

So, what could this next evolution look like? People Development’s answer: flipped.

The flipped classroom is a blended learning method that reverses the traditional teaching approach of live session lectures to live sessions focused on discussion and practice. Studies show that flipped learning results in higher engagement, observable behavior shifts, and greater retention of information.

In 2022, through the introduction of flipped learning, we will see People Development raise the bar and innovate as they evolve their current trainings into fuller, more robust learning experiences. These programs will be built around a connected story with a more intentional focus on the “why” and “how,” enabling employees to better see the connection between their learnings, their personal development, and the impact they have on the business. People Dev will strategically design flipped experiences that offer the right learning, at the right time, coupling live sessions with self-paced content, discussion groups, and lab environments. To further engage and enable employees, they will enhance these flipped experiences by utilizing carefully crafted delivery methods such as eLearnings, interactive challenges, virtual scenarios, and customized program hubs.

Technology will be key as we flip our trainings into dynamic learning experiences that provide the same opportunities for learning and engagement to all Moose. Director of People Development Maureen Spalluto said their goal is to “ensure that the skills and behaviors we prioritize in our programs align with the strategic needs of the business,” and moving forward, People Development will utilize flipped content to “maximize ILT (instructor-led training) time… and ensure our Moose are provided with time to practice, gain feedback, and foster accountability around learned skills.”

The unique design of these learning experiences will enhance program effectiveness, empowering employees to own their own development by meeting them where they are, regardless of role, tenure, or location, and further support their ability to embody our core value of Never Done.

Never Done is rooted in the idea of continuous learning, but that’s just the beginning. It’s about individuals bringing their authentic selves, committing to a higher bar, and continuing to learn the skills and behaviors needed to re-engineer experiences. The Never Done mindset is foundational to embodying our other Core Values — supporting innovation to Challenge Convention, honing skills to master complex collaborations and Impact Together, and strengthening practices that create world-class experiences and allow us to Be Advocates for our customers. People Development’s embodiment of Never Done and their passion around Challenging Convention will not only help scale their offerings but also transform their programs into adaptive, active learning environments where employees can learn at their own pace, engage in real-world scenarios, be accountable for their development, and leave trainings feeling confident in their ability to demonstrate and apply new skills and techniques.

A glimpse into People Dev’s flipped content

By Denée DAndrea, Katie Almanzan, Carolyn Kirkman, Kirsty McAleese, and Megan Yawor

  • New Hires - We will use flipped content to create an onboarding experience that extends beyond one-and-done live sessions and self-paced content. We will create a journey that gives New Moose weekly opportunities to engage with relevant content, reflect on and apply learnings with their peers, connect with their cohort, and participate in experiential learning.
  • All Moose - Our learning opportunities will utilize flipped learning by combining self-paced digital assignments, live sessions, and partner activities to foster meaningful connections, provide access to learning that supports a growing global business, and encourage employee accountability.
  • Emerging Moose Development Program (Emerging Leaders) - Focused on content that is customized and aligned to Rapid7's business strategies, our Emerging Leaders program will use the collaborative, interactive, and application-based aspects of a flipped classroom to maximize classroom time, deepen connections, and encourage a more focused, hybrid learning experience.
  • Moose Managers - To better support our Managers to optimize the potential of their people, teams, and the company, we will introduce flipped content through community learning opportunities and a variety of digital, self-paced learning materials, allowing for increased practice and application opportunities during live ILT time.
  • Experience and Technology - The goal is to find innovative uses for existing tools as well as incorporate new technologies, as needed, to ensure our flipped content not only tells a story and feels part of a whole but is also seamless, relevant, and exciting.

As we think about re-engineering our programs for 2022 and beyond, we have to consider what will work best to support a hybrid, global workforce and what will create thoughtful learning experiences that support individuals, their careers, the business, and our customers. The answer is clear: flipped content, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

Flipped content is just the beginning for People Development. As Rapid7 works to establish the new normal, People Dev will continue to reimagine their programs and learning experiences in order to create the best possible training grounds and career pathways for technical talent, emerging leaders, and those early in their careers. The team will look to not only evolve their work but also enable and support our Moose to understand how and where to apply what they are learning so they can develop at their own pace. Ultimately, empowering our people to own their own careers and build their journey with us.

Stay tuned over the next several months to dive deeper into how People Development will be introducing flipped content and other innovative practices into all of their programs for 2022 and beyond in our new blog series, “The Forecast Is Flipped.”

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