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Apple Silicon Support on Insight Agent

We are pleased to announce the general availability of native support of Apple Silicon chips for the Rapid7 Insight Agent.

9 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Vulntober: Multiple Mobile Browser Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerabilities

Today, we're announcing a coordinated vulnerability disclosure on a set of address bar spoofing vulnerabilities that affect a number of mobile browsers.

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macOS Keychain Security : What You Need To Know

If you follow the infosec twitterverse or have been keeping an eye on macOS news sites, you’ve likely seen a tweet [] (with accompanying video) from Patrick Wardle (@patrickwardle []) that purports to demonstrate dumping and exfiltration of something called the “keychain” without an associated privilege escalation prompt. Patrick also has a more in-depth Q&A blog post [

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Cisco Enable / Privileged Exec Support

In Nexpose [] version 6.4.28, we are adding support for privileged elevation on Cisco devices through enable command for those that are running SSH version 2. A fully privileged policy scan provides more accurate information on the target's compliance status, and the ability to do so through enable password, while keeping the actual user privilege low, adds an additional layer of security for your devices. This allows our users to run fully privileged policy

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Introducing Interactive Guides

Recently, Rapid7 took a step forward to deliver insight to our customers: our vulnerability management solutions now include the ability to deliver interactive guides. Guides are step-by-step workflows, built to deliver assistance to users at the right time. Guides are concise and may be absorbed with just a few clicks. They are available anytime on-demand within the user interface, so you can quickly and easily find the information you need, as you need it, where you will be applying it. Here'

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Attacking Microsoft Office - OpenOffice with Metasploit Macro Exploits

It is fair to say that Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are some of the most popular applications in the world. We use them for writing papers, making slides for presentations, analyzing sales or financial data, and more. This software is so important to businesses that, even in developing countries, workers that are proficient in an Office suite can make a decent living based on this skill alone. Unfortunately, high popularity for software also means more high-value targets in the eyes of an at

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Pokemon Go, Security, and Obsolescence

Pokemon Go started it. The crusty old house cell phone, which we had years ago ported from a genuine AT&T land line to a T-Mobile account, suddenly caught the attention of my middle son. > "Hey Dad, can I use that phone to catch Pokemon at the park?" "Sure! Have fun, and don't come back until sundown!" A few minutes later, he had hunted down his first Pikachu, which apparently required running around the block in Texas summer heat a few times. Sweat-soaked but proud, he happily presented hi

5 min Vulnerability Management

Using the National Vunerability Database to Reveal Vulnerability Trends Over Time

This is a guest post by Ismail Guneydas. Ismail Guneydas is senior technical leader with over ten years of experience in vulnerability management, digital forensics, e-Crime investigations and teaching. Currently he is a senior vulnerability manager at Kimberly-Clark and an adjunct faculty at Texas A&M. He has M.S.  in computer science and MBA degrees. 2015 is in the past, so now is as good a time as any to get some numbers together from the year that was and analyze them.  For this blog post,

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Reduced Annoyances and Increased Security on iOS 9: A Win Win!

Introduction Early this year, I posted an article [/2015/02/26/the-gif-guide-to-ios-security] on iOS Hardening that used animated GIFs to explain most of the recommended settings. Since then, iOS 9 was released, bringing along many new features [], including better support for Two-Factor Authentication, as iMessage and FaceTime now work without the need for app-specific passwords, and as your trusted devices now automatically get trusted when you authentic

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The Haves And Have-Nots in Device Security

Today's story [] about the ongoing issues law enforcement is running into with Apple's encrypted-by-default design illustrates a major difference between the iPhone and the Android security models. Encryption by default on older Apple devices makes it impossible for anyone without the password to decrypt the phone. This, in turn, becomes a problem for law enforcement, since it means tha

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Metasploit Framework Open Source Installers

Rapid7 has long supplied universal Metasploit installers for Linux and Windows. These installers contain both the open source Metasploit Framework as well as commercial extensions, which include a graphical user interface, metamodules, wizards, social engineering tools and integration with other Rapid7 tools. While these features are very useful, we recognized that they are not for everyone. According to our recent survey of Metasploit Community users, most only used it for the open source comp

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Weekly Metasploit Wrapup

Time for another weekly wrapup for Metasploit! Since it's been getting some play in the news, I wanted to use this space to talk a little bit more about CERT's recent advisory regarding hardcoded credentials on small office / home office (SOHO) routers. You probably know it by it's decidedly non-poetic identifier, VU#950576 []. Hardcoded credentials are one of the most well-known common vulnerabilities for SOHO routers from nearly every vendor. These are n

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Top 10 list of iOS Security Configuration GIFs you can send your friends and relatives

Easily share these animated iOS Security tips with friends and relatives! While iOS is generally considered to be quite secure, a few configuration items can improve its security. Some changes have very little functionality impact, while others are more visible but probably only needed in specific environments. This guide contains some of the most important, obvious ones, and contains a GIF for each configuration step to be taken. If you already know everything about iOS security, use this a

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12 Days of HaXmas: RCE in Your FTP

This post is the sixth in a series, 12 Days of HaXmas, where we take a look at some of more notable advancements and events in the Metasploit Framework over the course of 2014. It's been quite a year for shell bugs. Of course, we all know about Shellshock, the tragic bash bug that made the major media news. Most of us heard about the vulnerabilities in the command line tools wget, curl, and git (more on that last one later on during HaXmas). But did you notice the FTP command bug? That remains

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Apple Releases Patch for Shellshock, May Still Be Vulnerable

Yesterday, Apple released security updates [] that address two of the "Shellshock [/2014/09/25/bash-ing-into-your-network-investigating-cve-2014-6271]" bash vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169. At the time of writing, the updates are not available using Software Update on OS X. Instead, users should download the package directly from Apple's web site to install it. Updates are available for 10.7 [] (Lion), 10.8 [ht