Last updated at Tue, 21 Apr 2020 20:41:41 GMT

A comprehensive approach yields 4.5x ROI for customers

In today’s disparate environment, it’s crucial to have a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that helps eliminate complexity that gets in between security teams and successful detection and response. Too many tools create work for teams, instead of helping them accelerate. With Rapid7 InsightIDR you’ll get this, and more.

Built in the cloud and centered around User Behavior Analytics, InsightIDR provides the complete approach to threat detection and response. According to The Total Economic Impact™ Of Rapid7 InsightIDR, a 2020 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Rapid7, customers experience increased visibility, decreased incident response time, and significant cost savings after switching to InsightIDR from their previous SIEM, translating to a 445% return on investment (ROI) over three years.

By combining the most impactful components of technology, service expertise, and global threat intelligence insights, InsightIDR delivers exactly what organizations need in one solution, saving customers time and money. “I use InsightIDR as the backbone to everything that we do. When I look at other security tools, my first question is if InsightIDR can already solve the problem for me, as it does so much for us already,” stated an InfoSec manager cited in the study.

What does high ROI look like for teams?

With out-of-the-box behavioral analytics, network traffic analysis (NTA), centralized log management, deception technology, and file integrity monitoring (FIM), InsightIDR has the power to replace the need for alternative security tools. In one solution, you’re able to unify your security data, detect attacks and malicious behavior, and take action to contain and respond to threats.

InsightIDR unifies data across your network, logs and endpoints, and hosts everything in the cloud, eliminating storage and ongoing management costs. This saves customers 23% over three years from avoiding hardware and software fees. The cloud-based nature of InsightIDR also allows for seamless enhancements and updates, so you’re always ready for evolving threats.

79% faster time to value

InsightIDR’s cloud benefits are impactful from the start: with lightweight deployment of the Insight Agent, customers can deploy, baseline and reach a steady state in only 1.5 months, compared to an average of 7 months with legacy SIEMs.

With remote workforces present now more than ever, it’s critical to have visibility into all of your remote endpoints. Rapid7’s Insight Agent is simple to install and works across all network devices—in the cloud or on-premises—to provide InsightIDR customers with real-time visibility, deception detection, and endpoint investigation. With one-time deployment, this universal agent is used across Rapid7’s InsightIDR, InsightVM and InsightOps—compounding efficiencies for Rapid7’s platform customers.

According to an Industrial Supplies Senior Security Professional who switched to InsightIDR from a previous SIEM, “Rapid7 is at least twice as fast [as our previous solution], maybe even faster to correlate. Before, we didn’t have the ability to actually understand the problem with any speed; it would have taken weeks.”

How InsightIDR improves security response efficiency

Started as a UEBA tool in 2014, InsightIDR has always had advanced, real-time detection and attribution at its core, unlike traditional SIEMs. InsightIDR’s User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and out-of-the-box detections are curated based on real-world intelligence from Rapid7’s SOC. This expertise results in a 27% reduction in false positive alerts. With this drastic reduction in  noise, security teams have clear, immediate direction and confidence to take action.  This high fidelity alerting and deeply correlated insights across events sources in a single solution accelerate detection and response, enabling teams to respond to incidents in one-third of the time.

The efficiencies created by InsightIDR’s advanced behavioral analytics allow teams to accomplish more without needing to increase their number of security professionals, resulting in a 38% reduction in incident management efforts. As stated by a security analyst interviewed by Forrester Consulting, ”We’re a small team, so anytime a tool can offload tasks from my analysts’ plate is a good thing. I can now have my analysts focus on priority issues now—15 to 20 very high-confidence alerts a day instead of 300.”

With InsightIDR, you’ll see value sooner, save costs—up front and down the line—and make your team more efficient, no matter the size. See the full TEI study here to learn more about the benefits your team could see with InsightIDR.